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The surprising heroes of IWD18 (is it you?)

There is so much I want to say this International Women’s Day. I have written this blog about 20 times – each with different content and differing perspectives, from the #MeToo campaign, the BBC gender pay gap controversy, women rights to decide what they do with their own bodies, how despite 100 years of the […]

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Dragons den - a dragon wearing a weighted bikini to see how halto works

So … Dragons Den!

WTF just happened? Did we just leave the Den with no investment?

Yep. We got Zip. Zilch, Nada.   Are we happy? Are we sad? Are we disappointed? Do we want throw something? What does this mean for Halto?   Well, now we get to tell you all our juicy little secrets, so get comfy!   You saw our genuinely terrified faces as we entered the Den […]

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The Quick Draw Conclusion

“I’ve drawn you mummy!” says my eager little artist daughter, giggling at the image she has so far protected from the group.

We are sat at a friends’ house catching up. My 5-year-old daughter absorbs herself into her sketchbook working on portraits of each of us in the room, while the grown ups talk. “Look, it’s finished!” she yells out excitedly, turning her notebook around. Bursting out laughing, she says, “Mummy, you look like fat Cheryl!” pointing to my friend (cue much blushing from Cheryl, and gasps of horror around the room). I immediately jump in and tell her that isn’t a very nice thing to say, and to say sorry. She withdraws quickly within herself, turns a deep crimson and starts to well up, genuinely shocked.

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Everyone poops

We have a bit of a girl-crush on Meghan Markle at the moment. But while searching through YouTube interviews and social media posts, and seeing this intelligent, successful, flawless Duchess-to-be, it was easy to feel inadequate and a bit FML.

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