The Staycation Survival Guide

The Staycation Survival Guide

Kids or no kids, we all love the school holidays yeah? I mean, what’s not to love? Long warm days, open roads, days packed with insta-worthy activities with polite, respectful, quiet children [clears throat]. Total bollocks! “But surely that’s what other families are...


One evening after school when I was 15, a film crew were positioned at the end of my lane, so I decided to take my dog for a walk and go and watch the filming. Not much else happened in my sleepy village so it was all quite exciting. I joined a group of people all...

Hygge and the art of chilling the f**k out!

Isn’t it odd how we seem to derive our value these days by how ‘busy’ we are? ‘Effective’ is surely better than busy? Busy sounds chaotic and a little out of control. In fact, it sounds exhausting, and certainly not something to aspire to, yet we are conditioned to be busy!

Babies and Business Meetings

Lucy and I have been developing Halto for around 5 years in order to bring it to market. When we started, Lucy had a young baby and I became pregnant not long after. As such we have been on this journey whilst dragging 2 small people along for the ride and it has...

10 ways to feel more confident this summer

As us Halto wearers know, looking good starts with feeling good, and feeling confident is no different! Low self-esteem is a spectacularly common complaint among women, and we say ‘enough!’ You deserve to hold your head high and squeeze every drop of enjoyment from...

Bras in the Tardis

The internet has exploded this summer with opinions on casual sexism. Whether it’s bras in the Tardis, Andy Murray or the BBC’s gender pay gap that has piqued your interest this week, you couldn’t escape the conversations around sexism and whether women are disadvantaged in the workplace.

The road map of a GREAT life!

What is it that makes people assume that women will want to hide the journey that they have been on? Why do we hide the grey hairs, the wrinkles, trying to pretend that we are not the wise women that we truly are?