Hello Halto!

Say goodbye to red cheese-wire marks on your neck, bruising, blistering, neck-aches and headaches, and say hello to your new BFF, Halto! The Uk's only halter neck strap cushion.

Lucy and Lerryn picture

Halto first started when Lerryn went shopping for a holiday bikini and found the golden unicorn of bikinis; beautiful fabric, gorgeous styling, in the sale AND in her size. The only thing that made her buxom heart sink was that it was a halter neck, and she has 32H boobs. That was not a happy combination. “Surely there must be something out there that solves this problem. I can’t be the only one that suffers with this!” she cried in despair at the unsuspecting bra-fitter. Undeterred, she bought the bikini (of course!) and set out on a fruitless search for a product that simply didn’t exist.

Cue a piece of old boot sole, a neoprene wetsuit glove and some impressive stitching, and the first Halto was ready to be flown to the Maldives for a road test. It worked like a dream, and so began five years of product development and sibling bonding as Lerryn (and her sister Lucy) took on the challenge of changing the way women choose and wear swimwear.

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Meet Lucy

Lucy is the one with silly ideas (like puppet shows and parody songs). She has a memory like Dory from Finding Nemo, (which Lerryn feels is a real asset to the partnership), but she does sing nicely and will literally talk to – and befriend – anyone, which has made up for the memory thing (don’t expect her to remember your name though!). Lucy has a degree in business and a background in marketing, but she is often found at Halto HQ glue-gunning Halto display boxes together and humming the theme tune to My Little Pony after binge-watching Netflix with her 5-year-old daughter.

Lucy Cox

Meet Lerryn

Lerryn likes to pretend to be the more sensible sister. After realising this left her with jobs like handling the accounts however, she is trying desperately to escape being typecast. Lerryn enjoys singing in the shower and in the car and can rock a Beyoncé tune like nobody’s business**. She has two exceptionally fluffy cats and is often seen running late to meetings with a fluff-roller in one hand to try and remove the cat hair. She has an exceptional shoe collection and falls over frequently. But it’s always worth it.
** her son doesn't agree with this