It really works!

“I Love my Halto!!! It is so effective and discreet. Wore it last summer in Mallorca for 2 weeks and made such a difference. I was able to tie my halter neck tighter for more support without it sitting on the bone. Big boobs need jacking up xxx”

Caroline Lawrence, UK

“Best invention ever finally can wear a decent looking bikini and don’t look like I need some scaffolding to hold up my fun bags!”

Carly Wheeler, UK

“Awesome product!! Recommended to all ladies who wish to benefit from halterneck swimsuits. Buy, Buy, Buy! Er….SOLD!!!!!!!!!!”

Heather Taylor

“This is a game changer for us busty ladies! I’d stopped wearing halter necks on holiday until I discovered Halto. My two will be coming on holiday again in a couple of months and I’ll be able to enjoy my days by the pool without having to constantly readjust or loosen my bikini!”

Danielle Roberts, Manchester

“When I saw the Halto I thought It really doesn’t look like it should do much – surely something so small and simple can’t have much effect. How wrong can you be………Halto immediately takes away any sort of discomfort from those stringy halter neck straps that cut in or wiggle around uncomfortably. Keeps everything in it’s proper place, is completely comfy and works just as well for smaller boobs as it does for big!”

Carolyn Inger, Cornwall

“There are enough things in life which give you a pain in the neck, now thank the Lord for Halto, I can wear my swimwear and not worry about my boobies hanging heavy on my neck. Love it…thank you! Xxxx”

Kaye Cavendish, Scotland

“Wore my halto last week with my new bikini on my girly spa day and it was so comfy – thanks guys xx”

Sarah Robertson, UK

“Having neck problems it’s rare that I’d chose to wear a halter neck, but for my last holiday, I saw a really lovely halter neck swimsuit that I bought on impulse. Thankfully I also took my halto, I was able to wear it all day without the normal discomfort. I won’t wear a halter neck without a halto ever again!”

Kate Perkin, UK

“Love my Halto! Took it on holiday to Zante and it really saved my neck from the hurting and rubbing I usually endure. Brilliant invention!”

Ellie Maddern, Cornwall

“I’m not blessed with big boobs, but even for me, the Halto is fabulous! A great invention- well done girls!”

Susanna Sawle, UK

“So good for reducing the neck pain on my swimsuit! I never go swimming without it!”

Laura Forbes, UK

“I love my Halto! Having an E(normous!!) cup is a nightmare with halternecks but not anymore. Thank you Halto, you’re a game changer for my summer comfort xxx”

Alison Garner, Cornwall

“Halto is amazing. I have a very bony neck and it makes my halter top bikinis feel much more comfortable 🙂 I definitely recommend it!”

Joanna Picton, UK

“For such a small product, a Halto makes a big difference and has opened up a whole new wardrobe of halternecks for me!”

Jane Swift, Cornwall

“I have 32HH boobs and all jokes aside, they bloody hurt!! My shoulders and neck have become permanently changed by the weight. I tried the Halto last year on holiday and WOW, it really works! I could stay in a bikini top all day, and that’s a first! I immediately rushed off to see if I could buy a heater neck bra but alas, no-one seems to make a nice one. So I just cut my straps off and crudely sewed them together to make my own just so that I could use another Halto. Result! THANK YOU!!”

Liz Ashon, Cornwall

“I love my new Halto! I am looking forward to the summer and the beach! Fabulous & discreet product and so comfortable too. Thanks Halto!”

Tamsin Jones, UK

“Amazing! Wore my halter neck on holiday for many hours- pain free! Stopped any pain and digging in completely! Customer service has been fabulous. I have recommended to friends. Love it! Thank you! X”

Amy Jefferies, UK

“Wow!!! What a amazing product, I was lucky enough to be give one of these for our recent holiday and couldn’t believe that even with the small thin straps that normally really dig in holding up my 34ff’s. I didn’t feel any pressure or pain at the back of my neck…….will be recommending ALOT!! Xx”

Niki Bentley, UK

“Fantastic! On the strength of other reviews I expected great things and I wasn’t disappointed. For the first time in my life I have been able to spend hours in a halter neck cossie in complete comfort. Being able to tie it up more tightly without it hurting my neck at all also meant that I felt more secure while swimming. I have already recommended Halto to others.”

Sue Bucknall, UK

“Simple but what a great invention. Bought these for my holiday last week and wore my halter neck bikinis with no complaints of a sure neck. These are a must have and ill never go on holiday without them!!”

Nicola Connolly, UK

“Simple invention used it on holiday fabulous !
Wouldn’t go away without it x”

Paula Wadsworth, UK

“Incredible invention, excellent customer service!!!”

Maria Stefanidou, Greece

“Amazing and fantastic customer service!”

Samantha Campbell, UK

“I have a size 40/E Bust and have NEVER worn a Halter neck before because it has always hurt my neck. But after getting my Halto a few weeks ago, I treated myself to a new Halter neck top for summer and I can’t believe the difference it makes! Thanks so much Halto team for creating such a fantastic little gizmo!”

Lara Haslam, Australia

“Having had two children, my boobs and tummy need a lot of help for me to feel confident in a bikini these days. Wearing the Halto with one of my pre-baby bikinis meant I could hoist my rack up and ultimately be more comfortable in it for longer.”

Rachel Picken, Cornwall

“Having read and seen so much about the product, I was amazed at how effective it is. It certainly lives up to my expectations. If Halto can help ladies feel more comfortable in swimwear, it can only help us become more confident in ourselves”.

Laura Edwards, UK

“Amazingly simple and incredibly comfortable. I forgot I was wearing a halter neck. No red painful strap marks after. I’m sold!”

Vicky Poller, UK