For women everywhere, swimwear can be a real pain in the neck. Literally! Did you know the average 36DD boob weighs around 3.5lbs?? Now imagine 7lbs of weight suspended on a thin string around your neck and you’ll begin to understand why women undo bikini ties as soon as they lie still!!

At the time women should be enjoying their time in the sun, many are actually in serious pain, suffering with rubbing, neck ache, head aches, bruising….

But the Halto girls believe that to look good, you need to feel good, so they created a nifty little widget that stops the pain caused by halter neck swimwear.

TA DA!!!

Now, if you’re one of the 61% of women who suffer with the dreaded ‘Halter Ache’, you may be skeptical that THIS…

…will actually stop the pain. But women everywhere are raving about how effective it is:

“This little beauty really works!! I have worn my halter neck bikini for 5 hours today and not once did I feel uncomfortable or in pain!! For me, within 15minutes of tying these bad boys up, I feel the pain. I have Fibromyalgia so pressure on my skin hurts really bad, really fast… But 5 hours ladies!!! 5 hours of pain free bikini wearing!! So impressed!…”

“Just spent 11 days on holiday in comfort in halter-neck bikinis (for the first time in years!), thanks to my Halto. Amazing! Thank you ladies, I looked amazing xx”

Not to mention the 5* reviews on Facebook, Amazon and with stockists.

The soft underside acts as a cushion against the knot and cheesewire straps, and the firm but flexible core distributes the weight of the breasts, meaning women can finally feel comfortable and wear what they love on the beach!

So if you know someone that would benefit from a Halto, make sure you share this with them – you will be their favourite person all summer long!


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