If you’re having boob problems I feel bad for you hun

I got 99 problems but my boobs ain’t one


Sure I need seven bras on when I run in that race

I need all that help, stop boobs hitting my face


Yoga or pilates, face down on that mat

its physically impossible for me to lie down flat


Side boob for me is real life trouble

And when bras don’t fit right, my boobs go double


I haven’t seen my stomach since I was seventeen

When I see it in the mirror, I’m like ‘where you been?’


People say big boobs look so great in clothes

But us bigger busted chicas, we all know


buttons popping off, watch your eyes

Blouse wont do up – their not made for my size


That floaty dress that on her looks killer

put it on me and I just look like a pillar


Wear a low cut top and its ‘Hello there!’

It looks obscene and everyone stares


Put a necklace on so you look on fleek

But its lost in a second, in between those peaks


In my bra at night ill find bits of food

Shake them out before it kills the mood!


But my boobs wont stop me taking that run

wind in my hair, having fun


Im owning my cleavage and I really don’t care

Look all you like, I’m OK with the stares


My boobs cause me trouble, I’m sure you’ll agree

But regardless i love them, cos they make me, me.


So in summary folks, cos now I’m done

I got 99 problems, but my boobs ain’t one.