“Good morning ladies. The Captain has advised us to fasten our seat belts in preparation for landing. We hope you have enjoyed your journey with us today. You will be delighted to hear that air temperature on the ground is ‘FREAKING HOT’ and nothing like the UK, which is ‘F-F-FREAKING COLD’! Please make sure your swimmers are at the ready and your Halto is securely fastened. On behalf of the Captain and crew aboard this aircraft, we wish you a pleasant stay.”

Yup, we’ve landed in Australia ladies and gents! 

We can’t tell you how excited we are about our beloved Halto making the jump across the ocean to spend the summer in warmer climbs. With a retailer already about to take delivery of stock, and our online advertising campaign launching this week, we are primed and ready to go.

We are looking for more stockists across Australasia, so please send any contacts our way. We would love to have a chat with them and give them the full ‘Halto Experience’!

Lots of love

The Halto Girls x