We won’t lie; being a ‘mumpreneur’ is a freakin’ awesome rollercoaster. Sometimes up. Sometimes down. Sometimes slow. Sometimes fast. But always non-stop and with lots of screaming, then laughing, then screaming again. Oh, and lots of flailing of limbs, and sometimes a feathery feeling in your tummy. And then (like fools) you want to go on it again! Why? Because you feel alive, and brave, and want to be a role model to your kids, and milk your entrance fee for all it was worth!

There was big disclaimer sign on the platform which said “Not suitable for those with heart problems, those with aversions to alcohol or sugary foods, or those with a SOH* void.”

Having big hearts, a penchant for le vino and literally anything rolled in sugar, plus a very warped sense of humour*, we optimistically jumped aboard ‘The Entrepreneur” and threw our hands in the air like we just didn’t care!

Our ride has been filled with totally unexpected breathtaking, tear-jerking, on-top-of-the-world moments, butted up against feelings of self-doubt, fear and lots of mummy-guilt. We are beginning to learn that is the norm when you become a ‘mumpreneur’. Suddenly you have another ‘baby’ to nurture, and to divert any attention from your first-born feels like it will damage them in some way.

Alas, our first-borns were strapped into the rollercoaster from our very first ride, and they are full-fat business junkies now. We sorted manufacturing whilst weaning, cash flow forecasts whilst potty training, and even managed to breastfeed on some pretty awkward bends!

Halto is more than just a material ambition for us. It is our journey of growth as sisters and mums, and a product that we believe wholeheartedly in. The journey has been epic, and has thoroughly deepened our belief in human beings as well as proven how far a sense of humour can take you!

The ‘click-clack’ of the upward pull is ringing in our ears again, and we can’t bloody wait!