Stops neck pain caused

by halterneck swimwear. Simple

“I can’t imagine not wearing a Halto now. It makes such a difference and truly does what it says on the tin! Fab!” 

Say hello to Halto!

The discreet, squishy fix for bruising and rubbing caused by halter neck swimwear. If you, like millions of other fabulous women, suffer with neck pain and discomfort when wearing a halter neck bikini, then you will simply adore Halto.

Never compromise on style over comfort again.

How does it work?

Simply wiggle the straps of any halter neck bikini through the holes and tie as normal to feel the ‘ahhhhh’!

Halto’s squishy underside deliciously cushions your skin against those cheese-wire straps and pesky knots, and the firm, flexible core distributes the weight more evenly.

Utterly waterproof

Marvelously discreet

Soft and squishy

It really works!

“Having had two children, my boobs and tummy need a lot of help for me to feel confident in a bikini these days. Wearing the Halto with one of my pre-baby bikinis meant I could hoist my rack up and ultimately be more comfortable in it for longer.”

Rachel P

“Having read and seen so much about the product, I was amazed at how effective it is. It certainly lives up to my expectations. If Halto can help ladies feel more comfortable in swimwear, it can only help us become more confident in ourselves”.

Lesley R

“Amazingly simple and incredibly comfortable. I forgot I was wearing a halter neck. No red painful strap marks after. I’m sold!”

Clare G

Who are we?

We are two busty sisters and mums to little ones, who believe that all women should have the opportunity to feel great in fabulous, flattering swimwear, wherever they are in the world.

Everyone knows that halter necks can do incredible things for your rack (whatever your size), but they have been the bain of our summers for all too long. Redness, blisters, bruising, headaches and neck aches; enough! With over 85% of bikinis on the market being halter necks, what’s a girl to do? Desperation (and the sight of a beautiful halter neck bikini, in our size and in the sale!) made us search, unsuccessfully, for a solution.

Research shows that over 50% of women suffer with this problem, so we set about designing a solution to save millions of women from the dreaded ‘Halter Ache’.

Ladies, from us to you, Halto is borne from the hours of soft play, latte-fuelled, toddler-juggling, fun-packed, sleep-deprived years that has been our journey so far.

Our super-stockists

We are brand new to Australia and are currently looking for retailers to join our team. If you would like to know more about becoming a retailer, simply email us at, or complete the enquiry form below. 

To order your Halto, please follow the links on the menu bar to our shop. We ship directly from our HQ in Australia so no long shipping times for you!

Let’s talk

We’re delighted that you’re interested in our wonderful Halto. If you’d like to know more or are interested in stocking Halto, please use the form below.